Michiel van der Zanden @ Art Amsterdam 2011 pt. 2

Background, 2010, 130 x 175 cm. acrylic- and oilpaint on canvas

Art Amsterdam was one great experience! THANKS to all my friends who helped out, everybody at HEDEN and those who dropped by!
A photo and video impression below... (In the near future, I'll upload a report of some other spotted artworks too.)

"Especially for Art Amsterdam, Heden asked painter Michiel van der Zanden to design the Heden exhibition booth for the art fair. Van der Zanden took his painting, 'Background', as reference. When you visit Heden at Art Amsterdam you literally walk into this painting..."

 exterior of the stand, showing Background and Still_Life

 front, booth dimensions 5 x 5 x 3.5 m2

"The illustrated area is part of the old part of what is now the North Brabant Museum 's Hertogenbosch, the former Government Palace (1767-1770). The interior shows characteristics of the late Baroque style. Using photographs, Van der Zanden, reconstructs space with the help of  the 3D computer program Blender. In the digital setting he pulls the space apart. This results in the artificial nature of a virtual space and highlighs the tension within the bigger picture. At the Heden booth at Art Amsterdam, some elements from the painting, such as the floor and the fireplace, are made ​​physical again. The original space comes back to life! Within this Michiel van der Zanden presents his paintings as were it a museum of his work. With this the circle is completed..."

All 3D parts are built up in MDF, by Julian Edwardes and Antoine Stemerding..

...after that, everything got covered with paint


Art Amsterdam took place 11 - 15 May 2011, at Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre. Also check www.heden.nl