Hudson Museum, Rotterdam. The Importancy of Unimportant

Michiel van der Zanden, Crook, Simon Schrikker, Machine

'The Importancy of Unimportant' (borders, transparancy and decay in contemporary art,design and graffiti), is a group exhibition at the Hudson Museum in Rotterdam (Hudsonstraat 61). It's a miniature museum, scale 1:16, wich is owned by Art Rock Foundation. The show is guest-curated by Simon Schrikker. I'm participating with my video Pwned Paintings #2 (Also see February's post.)
A catalogue, with text by Sandra Smets, will be released on November 20th at SingerSweatShop in Rotterdam, including a big screen slide presentation of the exhibition and music by dj's JK and DJ Raging Bull. The catalogue is generously sponsored by CBK Rotterdam and designed by UNDOG.

The exhibition is open 24/7, till December 10th, at Hudsonstraat 61, Rotterdam, NL.

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Front view

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